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Has the power ever gone out on you while you have been trying to finish an important project on your computer? With Easytether for your Android smartphone, this nightmare no longer needs to be a reality. With this one convenient application for your smartphone, you can easily access the internet where ever you get a signal with your Android smartphone. Its also compatible with the same data plan that you currently have on your Android smartphone, which means that whether you use T-Mobile, AT&T, or even Verizon or Sprint, you and your Android smartphone’s USB connection to your laptop can get you back online fast so you can finish your work whether the power is out or you are sitting on the beach with a margarita in hand.

Easy Tether Smartphone

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When you need an easy tether for your smartphone, then this is the app for you. Unlike other applications that require you to alter your Android smartphone at the system level, this app requires zero rooting. That means that no matter who your mobile carrier is, you get an easy tethering to the internet that saves you time, bandwidth, and all those nasty complications that can come with rooting your Android smartphone. That’s because this easy tether only utilizes official and certified APIs to protect your smartphone’s security.

Using it is simple. All you need to do after you have transferred the file to your Android smartphone is to follow the onscreen instructions, make sure your laptop has your Android’s latest drivers, and then plug it in utilizing your laptop’s USB connection. When you need an easy tether, it really is as easy its name implies!

Easy Tether

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Easy Tether

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Don’t get stuck having to submit your work late because you lost power to your ISP. With this handy app, you can affordably get the fastest smartphone connection speeds to the internet today without having to spend the money it takes to get a wireless broadband connection. Save time and frustration with the best option for tethering for your Android smartphone today. This free transfer allows you to install the app on your own smartphone, and you can install the companion software for your desktop or laptop on as many systems as you require.

Is Simply Easy To Use 24/7!

Easy to use, easy to install, and easy to please, when you need tethering for your Android smartphone, think of the Easytether Download for your tethering solutions. You will wonder why you ever allowed yourself to be tied to one WiFi station… and when you use this great app to replace your broadband speed connection, you’ll even save up to $70 per month or more – from one free Android smartphone application!

Free up all your equipment today by tethering to the internet through this great app by Mobile Stream.
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