Easytether gives you the joint benefits of the Bitcoin blockchain and traditional currency by converting
your cash into a stable digital currency equivalent.

About Easytether

By leveraging Blockchain technology, Easytether allows you to store, send and receive local
currency such as dollars, euros, and yen person-to-person, globally, instantly, and
securely for a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

How does Easytether work?

Tethers exist on the Bitcoin blockchain through the Omni Protocol. The Omni Protocol is open source software that interfaces with the Bitcoin blockchain to allow for the issuance and redemption of cryptocurrency tokens, in our case, “tethers”.

Easytether Platform currencies are 100% backed by actual fiat currency assets in our reserve account which are instantly redeemable in a one-to-one ratio with those reserve currencies. Therefore, 1 Easytether USD₮ will always equal 1 USD.

The Easytether Platform is fully reserved when the sum of all tethers in circulation is greater than or equal to the balance of fiat currency held in our reserve. Through our Transparency page, anyone can view both of these numbers in near real-time.

For a more detailed technical explanation of how the Easytether Platform works, please download the Easytether white paper.

What real-world currencies does Easytether support?

Easytether initially supports US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and soon Japanese Yen (JPY). Represented by ₮, Easytether platform currencies are denoted as USD₮, EUR₮, and JPY₮. You can also store, send or receive value in bitcoins.

Who can use Easytether?

Easytether enables bitcoin businesses – including exchanges, wallets, payment processors, financial services and ATMs – to easily use fiat currencies on the blockchain. Some of the largest businesses in the digital currency ecosystem have integrated Easytether.
View integrated partners. 

Individuals can also create a Easytether wallet or use Easytether-enabled platforms to transact with tethers.

How does Easytether protect me from bitcoin volatility?

Because they are anchored or ‘tethered’ to real-world currencies.

Easytether currencies are new assets that move on the Blockchain just as easily as bitcoin. Easytether currencies are essentially Dollars, Euros, and Yen formatted to work on the Blockchain. Tethers always hold their value at 1:1 to the underlying assets.

How do I know my Easytether is secure?

Easytether is built on top of the revolutionary and cryptographically secure Bitcoin blockchain and adheres to strict security and global government laws and regulations.

All tethers are worth one-to-one with matching fiat currency (e.g., 1 USD₮ = 1 USD) and are backed 100% by actual assets in our reserve account. As a fully transparent company, we publish a real-time record of all value held and transferred in and out of our reserve account.

Tethers can be securely stored, sent and received across the blockchain and are redeemable for cash (the underlying asset).

Where can I use Easytether?

Easytether is currently in Beta. You can request an invitation to join at easytether.org. We want to make Easytether usable everywhere where you can use bitcoins and in many places where bitcoin is not currently accepted.

Is Easytether transparent?

Yes. Easytether’s platform is built to be fully transparent at all times and is regularly audited. Every Easytether is backed 100% by its original currency, and can be redeemed with no exposure to exchange risk.

View more transparency information.

How much does Easytether cost to use?

Easytether has almost zero conversion fees, charges no commissions and offers top market exchange rates.

Sending between easytether.org wallets is always free.

When sending from your easytether.org wallet to an external Easytether-enabled wallet, we will absorb all Blockchain fees . Fees occurred when sending tethers outside of our wallet, are outside our control.

View more fee information.

Do I have to go through the KYC process?

Going through our know your customer (KYC) form and approval process is required to issue and redeem USD₮, EUR₮, and soon JPY₮.

You can fund your account with bitcoins and convert to tethers to stabilize your bitcoins and without having to undertake KYC.

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