Easy Tether Lite by “Moblie Stream”
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Easytether free

To get the app you must come to this page with your phone (easytether.org/free) and click the link OR if you have a barcode scanner app installed you can point your phone camera at the QR code above to get Easytether Lite.

easytether free



Easytether Lite(free version) DOES NOT support HTTPS sites!

This Includes:

Instant Messengers

Google Accounts(i.e. youtube, gmail etc….)

Yahoo Mail



AOL and AOL mail


Pretty much all e-mail providers

Banking Sites





You can’t tether to your PS3, Xbox or other gaming systems either.

Just to name a few. But don’t fret! For a one time, and one time ONLY fee you can buy the full version and have FULL access to the web and be SAVING $360-$800 a year on your internet bill! Plus you can tether to your game consoles!

Its worth the investment, trust me.

Click the big green button below for EasyTether Pro.


Or if you don’t mind not using HTTPS sites then the Free version is for you! Just click below on your Android phone to get Easytether Lite or scan the QR code if you have a barcode scanner app on your phone. Happy Tethering!

Easytether free

easytether free

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