Our Team

Easytether’s team is made up of experts and pioneers in the digital currency, decentralized finance, open technology, and online payment spaces.

Reeve Collins
Co-Founder and CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO of Easytether, Reeve is revolutionizing the way society uses real-world currency by creating the world’s first fiat currency token platform on the Bitcoin blockchain. As a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in the digital and technology spaces, Reeve Collins paved the way in online advertising as one of the first online media buyers and inventor of the pop-up ad. Founder of several successful ventures, Reeve started his career as one of the first employee’s of A Quantive, which Microsoft acquired for $6.6 billion. Reeve went on to found Traffic Marketplace, one of the very first online ad networks later acquired by Vivendi Universal. He then founded RedLever, a branded entertainment studio which was acquired by Adconion Media Group. His last venture being Pala Interactive, where he secured $70 million to create a legal real money gambling site in the US.

Craig Sellars
Co-Founder and CTO

As Co-Founder and head of technology for Easytether, Craig Sellars leads the development of global innovations on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain and acts in a variety of roles as Co-Founder, Director, Advisor or Senior Executive for several Bitcoin 2.0 projects including Omni, Factom, MerchantCoin, and the MaidSafe Foundation. Occupying several entrepreneurial and executive roles over the past two decades, Craig continues to push the boundaries in cutting-edge technology, decentralized systems and software development.

Brock Pierce
Co-Founder and Advisor

Brock Pierce is a 15-time entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. Brock has raised over $200m on behalf of his companies and led over 30 acquisitions as prolific angel investor in alternative currencies. Brock is a Co-Founder of Easytether, GoCoin, ExpressCoin, KnCMiner.cn, Robocoin Asia, and CoinDaily. He also sits on the boards of IMI Exchange, Xfire, Playsino, FGL, Spicy Horse Games, GoCoin, ExpressCoin, KnCMiner.cn, Robocoin Asia, and the Mastercoin Foundation.

Phillip G. Potter

Phil brings over 20 years of Wall Street financial and leadership experience to the team. Phil was Co-Founder and CTO of both Mercury Securities and Dimension Capital, where he combined his financial & technical knowledge to lead successful exits. Currently Phil serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Bitfinex, a leading Bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong.

Giancarlo Devasini

Giancarlo began his career as a physician, before going on to pursue his passion for technology. He went on to serve as a Founder and CEO of several IT companies specializing in integrated circuits and computer hardware in the semiconductor industry. Giancarlo currently serves as the CFO and COO of Bitfinex, a leading Bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong.

Stuart Hoegner

Stuart is a cryptocurrency and gaming attorney and accountant based in Toronto, Canada. His clients include a wide variety of bitcoin entrepreneurs, land and online based casinos and sports books, gaming equipment manufacturers, and poker professionals. He writes a regular gaming and bitcoin blog and is the editor of ‘The Law of Bitcoin’ (forthcoming).